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Search by Part Number Now Available

For a very long time, searching by part number has evaded us, but now we have dug that stump out!

We have over 2,500 products available from Forestry, Forestry Handtools, Climbing Gear, Bars, Chain and Chainsaws. They are now searchable by part or model number. For example, you can either do a broad search for ‘Fiskars’ and bring up our full line of Fiskar products or search by part number such as ‘78536935’ (which is the Fiskar product number) and bring up the Fiskars X17 Splitting Axe.

All of our Oregon products that we carry are all searchable by part number. On our Oregon Bar selection, if you know the bar product number, e.g. 180ATMK095, this will bring up the the 18″ Laser Weld Armor Tip 3/8″ .050″ Bar. You could also search by typing in ‘armor tip’ and you will get all the Armor Tip bars available.

To begin a search, there is a little magnifying glass symbol at the top right of the website. All you need to do is hover over it with your mouse pointer, or if you are on a tablet, tap on it with your finger to open.  Also there is a search area in the footer of the website, on the left.

We are excited to make your job easier and less frustrating, so search away!

Your partners in forestry, the Left Coast Supplies team.

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