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S-70 SEMI CHISEL CHAIN – 3/8″ .058″ – 73DPX

////S-70 SEMI CHISEL CHAIN – 3/8″ .058″ – 73DPX

S-70 SEMI CHISEL CHAIN – 3/8″ .058″ – 73DPX


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  • 3/8″  .058″
  • 73DPX – S-70 Semi Chisel


  • Patented Chain Steel – OREGON OCS-01 steel is patented and provides greater durability, especially in cold cutting conditions.
  • Blued Cutters provide superior corrosion resistance and improved strength.
  • “X” grind – Enhanced grind geometry significantly improves out-of-box sharpness with substantial speed improvement in boring and bias (undercut) modes.
  • Round-cornered “semi-chisel“ cutters work fast and typically are more tolerant of sharpening errors than most cutter types.
  • Bumper drive links help reduce kickback.
  • Excellent performance in dusty or dirty conditions.

Bar Lengths: 16 to 36in. (40-90cm)

Saw Sizes: 50 to 100cc

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 4 x 1 in
Chain Loops

100u, 72E, DL


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