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30″ ALASKAN MARK IV C3 SERIES – G778-30C3 – 3/8″

///30″ ALASKAN MARK IV C3 SERIES – G778-30C3 – 3/8″

30″ ALASKAN MARK IV C3 SERIES – G778-30C3 – 3/8″


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  • Mill
  • Double-ended bar
  • .375 (3/8″) Ripping Chain (136 DL)
  • Slabbing Rail Brackets
  • Oiler Kit
  • Helper Handle
  • G1012XT Grinder

Used for/with: Chain saws with 75cc or more displacement

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The Alaskan MK-IV 30″ C3 chainsaw mill is one of our more popular packages! It has everything you need to get milling right away!

How does the 30″ C3 differ from the 30″ C2 ? The C3 means that this package comes with a loop of 3/8 pitch chain whereas the C2 Packages only come with .404 pitch chain.

What’s Inside: 30″ Alaskan mill, doubled ended bar, one loop of Granberg ripping chain, Helper handle, Oiler Kit, Slabbing Rail brackets, and the Precision Grinder.

Part Number and name: G778-30C3

Used for/with: Chain saws with 75cc or more displacement

Fits: Any make of chainsaw with a 3/8 chain sprocket. Kit includes universal bar mount adaptors.

General description:

  • Basic G778 mill and 30” handle and rail set (G781-30). Made with high-quality U.S. aircraft aluminum and zinc-plated steel construction.
  • Also includes 44” hardened steel bar (G742-3) with .063 gauge, one loop of 3/8 pitch, .063 gauge chain at 136 links (G729-3, 136E), along with a Helper Handle with roller (G975) and Oiler Kit (G801A) to use if not running a second power head.
  • Other accessories include Slabbing Rail Brackets (G850) which, along with 2x4s provided by the customer will enable the user to make a platform for the first cut, and a Precision Grinder (G1012xt) for on-the-job chain maintenance.
  • New CNC-Machined billet end brackets! (black cross piece) These new end brackets are more accurate, easier to adjust, create less vibration than the old die cast version and are virtually unbreakable.

Use description: Attach to power head of sufficient size to mill slabs and planks up to 26” wide and 1/2” to 13” deep. No other equipment required.

Additional information

Weight 43 lbs
Dimensions 56 × 14 × 4 in